Frozen vs Fresh - A Question of Nutrition

Frozen vegetables are undeniably handy – they are relatively inexpensive, require minimal preparation, last for ages in the freezer, and can be prepared in minutes. Often added to a meal as a guilty afterthought, frozen vegetables help to ease the conscience of a working mom or busy singleton. Any form of vegetables would be better than no vegetables at all, but are we sacrificing nutrition for the sake of convenience?

Anxiety and Nutrition

The link between nutrition and our physical health is well established. Along with the existence of a host of nutritional deficiency diseases like rickets or beriberi, its common knowledge that, for example, excess salt can lead to hypertension or that a diet high in saturated fat can lead to heart disease. However, the link between nutrition and our mental wellbeing is not nearly as widely accepted or understood.

Energizing Foods to Fuel Workouts

There is no shortage of sports supplements and performance-boosting snacks on the market today. It’s also commonplace to see sports men and women competing with their pockets stuffed full of various energy drinks, gel sachets and protein bars. However, do we really need these things? Is simply eating normal, whole foods good enough to sustain athletic performance? Read on to uncover a few truths about sports nutrition and to discover which foods can really give us the edge in the gym or on the sports field.
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